Putting It Bluntly

22 Oct

It is rare that I wake up at 4:30a and am hyped to go workout (my boot camp, BNFIT, meets at 5:30a – Monday-Friday). It’s the truth and I’m not going to deny it.  At this time of year, it’s dark, it’s cold, and it’s often raining. Not the ideal situation for getting out of my cushy bed, off of my comfy pillows, and from under my warm sheets, blanket, and comforter.  I know I’m not the only one but here’s the thing. I want the results. I want the body. I want the great numbers: BMI, muscle mass, body fat ratio, weight, measurements, cholesterol level, blood pressure, glucose level, resting heart rate, dress size, etc. I want it all to be GREAT!  Pills, powders, surgeries do not bring the long lasting results I’m looking for because the results I want go beyond numbers. I want a better life, a healthier body, a healthy relationship with food, a disciplined relationship with money, and deeper intimacy in my spiritual life.  You just can’t find any of that in a bottle of any kind. I know. I’ve tried. The results I want are the outcome of work, HARD WORK. So here is the truth…the cold hard truth. 

I can’t blame genetics

I cant blame my family, significant other, friends, society, or history

I can’t blame the stresses in my life…and they are numerous.

If I want change, I must suck it up

I must stop eating trash and eat food that nourishes my body

I must drink water…lots of water

I must workout hard…every day

I must sweat…every day

I must push until it hurts and then keep pushing

I must be focused and knowledgeable in my career, my passion for justice, and my pursuit of financial security

I must spend time with God everyday in prayer and meditation

I must read the bible and other books that deepen my knowledge of who God is and who I am.

I’ve got to put in the work to yield the results. That is putting it bluntly.

It’s better to tell yourself the truth, than to have life slam the truth in your face! 

Gotta Keep Working!


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