Mother’s Day Tribute #5

11 May

My mother taught me to appreciate art, culture, traveling and etiquette. My mother made time for trips to museums, concerts, art exhibits, the theater, etc. She made sure that all of her children took piano lessons and whatever other instruments grabbed our attention. We were all in choirs at school and church. My brothers were boy scouts. My sister and I had bad allergies and that got us out of girl scouts pretty quickly. Dining out was always an adventure. Knowing how to pronounce everything on the menu was important. Knowing when to use each utensil, glass, plate, bowl, etc. was also important. Sitting properly, walking properly (I can still feel her knuckle running down my spine when I realize that I am slouching), speaking properly, dressing appropriately, being informed about world affairs, local politics, sports, and issues negatively impacting our community, knowing at least one language other than English (the Queen’s english vs American english is a topic for another day) all of these things were part of growing up in the Hines household. Mom made reading an adventure. Trips to the library were like trips to a fantasy land. I remember escaping into the world of whatever book I was reading. Reading with my mother was the BEST. She made every word pop off of the page. I could see the words not just hear them. We didn’t just use our imaginations to travel, we got in our car, a plane, a train, whatever it took to get around. My parents travelled extensively and made sure that we knew that the world was much bigger than our neighborhood. There was always something to see, learn, and experience. She consistently found ways to expand our knowledge and experience of the world and its people. I am very grateful for that.

The Hines and Evans Couples

Mom and Dad with Uncle Louis and Aunt Cokie Evans.

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