Mother’s Day Tribute #7

13 May

My mother taught me to know, love, pursue and serve God. There is not a single aspect of my mother’s life and living that was not based on her spiritual foundation. Hospital administrator, wife, mother, friend, leader, team member, ministry partner, church member, teacher, advisor, mentor, student, and every other way Mom has shown up in the world has been built on her strong spiritual foundation. Mom and Dad started every day with reading Oswald Chambers’ “My Utmost for His Highest” and praying together…every single day. They ended every day with prayer. She never faces an issue alone, God is always with her. When singing around the house, she would sing hymns and spiritual songs. When celebrating accomplishments, God is glorified. When facing trials and tribulations, God is  called upon to strengthen and make a way. God and holiness are simply the air she breathes. Now that Alzheimer’s is ravaging her brain, God is still at the forefront. Her caregiver reads the bible with her and sings hymns with her. Late at night when Mom and I have our alone time, we sing hymns and spiritual songs, and I read My Utmost for His Highest to her. These are the things that bring her peace and joy. From the day I was born until this day, my mother has lived a life that makes God look good. I want to know God because of the way my mother lived and lives her life publicly and privately. I want to know the God that has come through for her time and time again. I want to know the God that is still with Mom know as she is on this journey through Alzheimer’s. I want to serve the God that fascinated me as mom read bible stories to me as a child. This Living God that permeated and still permeates every aspect of Mom’s life is the one I now pursue, love, serve, and take time to get to know deeper and more intimately. I am blessed to be my mother’s child and a child of God. I thank God for my mother and the life she has lived!



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